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Nothing is more relaxing than a summer afternoon under a majestic shade tree.  Whether it is a colorful Maple or a fast growing Mulberry, we have it.  Trees grow to many different heights and widths, so come on by and we will help you find that perfect tree.  Remember: the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago.  


We have a diverse collection of shrubs.  We work very hard at offering you plants that grow well in our region.  If it's a shrub you need for shade, we have it.  If it's a shrub for intense sun and poor soil, we can help you with that as well.  We focus on drought tolerant plants, al time favorites and of course, California natives.  

Bedding Plants

People are always awed at our selection of annuals and perennials.  Because of our years in the nursery business, we have been able to gather a number of growers with a passion for quality and selection.  If it's something unique you want, we will be sure to have it.  We never get tired of hearing how nice our plants look and grow. 


Beginning in the Spring, our parade of vegetables is a must see.  If it is GMO free you want, we have it.  If its organic that you are looking for, we have it.  Don't forget that we have a large selection for your winter vegetable garden as well.  We start selling cool season veggies in September and again in February. 

Fruit Trees

We take pride in offering the very best selection of fruit trees for our climate.  The best time to select fruit trees is during the dormant season.  We generally get our bare root fruit trees in right after Christmas.  We select varieties that we feel will give you the best chance at being a successful backyard fruit tree grower.  Our largest selection of fruit trees in available during bare root season, but we do carry them throughout the year.  

Yard Art, Pottery and the Gift Shop

We blend traditional outdoor favorites with newer, non-traditional looks.  Several times a year, we attend trade shows throughout the West in order to bring you a unique collection of affordable yard art and decor.  If it is a gift for a special friend or something new for your yard, we encourage you to take a look at what we have to offer. 


Garden Supplies, Soils and Soil Amendments

Our inventory of garden products is incredible.  We have more growing supplies under one roof than anyone around.  We take pride in offering these products at competitive prices.  No need to drive out of town to big box stores.  Organic gardening is important to us.  So it goes without saying our selection of organic fertilizers and insecticides is complete.  When it comes to soils and soil amendments, we carry a wide selection for all types of planting.  We understand that good soil is the key to successful gardening. 


Come Celebrate Christmas with Us

Since 2014, we have partnered with the Mariposa High School Quarterback Club in offering fresh cut Christmas trees from the great Northwest.  Tree sizes range from 4 to 10 feet.  If you are looking for live Christmas trees, check out our selection.  We really have this one dialed in.  Each year, our selection of Christmas decor and gifts grow.  We have a great buyer (Lori) who selects some new lines of ornaments and clever items to enhance the holiday ambiance.  Come by and visit and enjoy the holidays with us. 


Floral Arrangements

Come talk with Brittany to design a floral arrangement for your next event or special moment.  

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